48216 Promask 6''

48216 Promask 6''

$7.99 CAD

Pro-Mask offers quick and easy solutions for masking off your projects. The hand held dispenser will simultaneously apply masking paper and tape to cover and protect various surfaces while masking bumpers, door-jambs, head-lights, tail-lights and other small car parts, helmets and skate decks, the uses are limitless and not just for automotive use. General uses include, but not limited to furniture refinishing, House painting (protect baseboards, floor door and window moulding), drywall texturing, floor sanding, wood working, DIY projects.

This product will leave no tape residue, has excellent conform-ability and leaves precise paint lines. A time-saver masking solution.

  • Adhesive base: rubber (cross-linked)
  • Carrier: crepe paper
  • Elongation: 10%
  • Temp. resistance 1h/110C (232F)
  • UV-resistance: limited

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