automotive trim tape

06349 Trim Masking Tape

$48.00 CAD
  • Suitable for any trim masking situation
  • Eliminates sharp paint edges
  • Clean, uniform finish

3M™ Trim Masking Tape is designed to lift and protect trim moldings during masking, eliminating overspray and visible paint edges. It features a hard band along its edge that slips quickly and easily between trim moldings and auto body surfaces, allowing for paint to flow under the molding while keeping the exterior masked.

The 10 mm firm strip of this tape is slid under the molding. The liner on the remaining adhesive side is then removed and the tape is folded over and adhered to the glass, actually lifting up the molding and allowing paint to flow under it. This tape saves time, labor, and the cost of removing and installing new moldings, plus the removal of paint lines on existing moldings.


Suggested Applications

  • Designed for masking around flush mount windshields and back glass, side moldings, inset door handles and tail light assemblies

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