08307 Self Leveling Seam Sealer

08307 Self Leveling Seam Sealer

$85.00 CAD
  • Paintable in 15 minutes
  • Approximately 8 minute work time
  • Will not shrink or crack

3M™ Self-Leveling Seam Sealer, 08307, utilizes a flexible two-part epoxy technology to produce a durable sealer capable of sealing seams in properly prepared metal enclosures (such as auto bodies). This sealer provides a self-leveling characteristic that allows it to flow before curing and is perfect for horizontal applications requiring a smooth, puddled, application of seam sealer. 3M™ Self-Leveling Seam Sealer requires top coating with paint in the case of out door applications where UV exposure exists.

Suggested Applications

  • Used for roof ditches (door skin hem flanges) and rear body panels, including tail light areas, wheel well flanges, etc.

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