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05887 EZ Sand Flexible Parts Repair

$109.00 CAD
  • 8 minute work time
  • Convenient cartridges with mixing nozzles help ensure proper product ratio
  • Replicates OEM smooth seam seal tape appearance
  • Excellent featheredging properties
  • Easy sanding
  • Automatic metering of both component parts
  • Option to use mixing nozzle for automatic mixing
  • Two-component flexible epoxy finishing adhesive

3M™ EZ Sand Flexible Parts Repair Adhesive, 05887, is a flexible, two-part epoxy material designed to be used for repair of flexible and semi-rigid plastic parts. This formula provides flexibility with good sanding qualities and is compatible with many common plastics. For best results use in conjunction with 3M™ Polyolefin Adhesion Promoter, 05907.

The 3M™ EZ Sand Flexible Parts Repair 05887 offers a 10 minute work time and can be sanded with grade 180 abrasives in 30 minutes resulting in an excellent featheredge. This product has a convenient mixing feature that ensures proper product ratio every time, increasing productivity. It is recommended that the 3M™ Polyolefin Adhesion Promoter 05907 be used when working with polypropylene and ethylene propylene interior and exterior parts. There are two recommended applicator guns for use with this product: the MixPac® Manual Applicator, 08117 or the MixPac® eumatic Applicator, 09930. This product should NOT be used with SMC/fibreglass.


Suggested Applications

  • Used to repair most flexible plastic parts, including bumper covers and other plastic body panels
  • Can be used to repair most of the plastic parts found on today’s vehicles
  • May also be used in conjunction with 3M™ Reinforcing Tape 04904 to repair cracks and holes in flexible and semi rigid plastic parts
  • This product should NOT be used with SMC/fibreglass

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