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I-180H Hardener Pint

I-180H Hardener Pint

$41.30 CAD

Introducing the I-180 2K Hybrid Carrier, the first product of Durafil’s new 0% opacity, 2-component, high-technology line named CLARITY.

This hybrid product can also be used as a binder; adding up to 500G of additives to a gallon. INCREDIBLE ADHESION; No Scuffing, or clear coating between different coats.

This product ensures NO bleed through. You can safely scuff over Metallics & Colored Flakes. Wet on Wet Technology, air drying in 5 – 45 minutes, with an open window of 24 hours. The I-180 has a unique technology where the additives safely burry underneath a protective layer while ensuring metrical capacity for your additives resulting in INSANE DOI.

There are (3) items in our Clarity product line:

  • I-180 Hybrid Carrier
  • I-180H Hardener
  • I-180RM Reducer Medium

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