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462 Dyna Glass Filler

462 Dyna Glass Filler

$32.00 CAD

The Dynatron Dyna-Glass Fiberglass Reinforced Filler is twice as strong as any regular body filler. This polyester filler contains short strand fiberglass that is perfect for waterproof repairs. The short strand fiberglass filler is used on metal surfaces, specifically rusted-out holes and shattered fiberglass parts. 

The short strands of this fiberglass filler make it convenient to shape and spread when working on vertical repairs too. The efficiency of this product is mainly because of its thicker consistency, shorter strands and fibers. The short strands help smooth surfaces even better and they can be pushed easily into surface imperfections.

The Dynatron Dyna-Glass Fiberglass Reinforced Filler is compatible with all paint and conceals repairs. This keeps the repair completely hidden from sight and helps you restore your car back to its old glory. This product includes hardener.

Why are fiberglass fillers better than regular body fillers?

  • Interlocking fiberglass fiber and strands give double the strength than any regular body fillers
  • You can use it to fill up rusted-out holes and broken fiberglass parts
  • When applied properly, the finished product looks good and lasts long too
  • The strands give a good consistency and work well and easily on vertical surfaces
  • Waterproofs repairs

How to use this product

  • Clean the repair area with soap and water. Use surface remover to remove dirt, oil, wax, grease, and moisture
  • Sand the surface to remove all traces of paint, rust and primer
  • Spread an initial thin layer over the repair area to make sure that there is maximum adhesion
  • We recommend that you build layers for better durability than a single thick coat
  • Apply 2-3 even coats of primer and then sand the primer with a 320 grit sandpaper
  • Paint as desire


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