1100 Ear Plugs Disposable

1100 Ear Plugs Disposable

$39.00 CAD

3M™ Foam Earplugs Vending Pack,1100 feature soft, hypoallergenic foam and a tapered design to fit comfortably in the ear canal. The slow-recovery polyurethane foam is moisture-resistant and conforms to the shape of the ear canal to help create a comfortable noise barrier. These earplugs are test compatible with the 3M™ E-A-Rfit Validation System. This product is packaged for distribution by a vending machine.

  • Soft polyurethane foam is hypoallergenic, flame-resistant and moisture-resistant
  • Smooth, dirt-resistant surface helps maintain hygiene
  • Tapered design fits comfortably in ear canal
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 29 dB, CSA Class AL
  • Test compatible with 3M™ E-A-Rfit Validation System
  • 5 pair per pack, 100 pair per case

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