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Sata Adam 2 Dock and Display for SATAminijet

Sata Adam 2 Dock and Display for SATAminijet


Authorized Sata Distributors are not allowed to sell Sata products over the internet. Beware of sites that claim to offer genuine Sata items. They are not authorized and you may be buying a fake or an item that won't be covered under Sata's warranty. Please send us a message to enquire about Sata products.


Upgrade SATA® non-digital spray guns to "DIGITAL", retrofitting the SATAminijet® 3 HVLP, SATAminijet® 4 HVLP, 1000 K & H, 3000 B & 4400B spray guns.

The SATAminijet® adam 2™ is the compact retrofit solution for SATAminijet® spray guns which consists of two components: The SATAminijet® adam 2™ dock, which replaces the air micrometer of the spray gun allowing quick and precise setting of the inlet pressure (+/- 0.7 psi), and the SATA® adam 2™ display, which can be safely fitted to the "dock" and removed quickly. Additionally, the display can be easily removed before placing the spray gun into a gun washer or to use the "display" on another spray gun with a pre-mounted "dock". The "docks" are available separately allowing to retrofit all your SATA® spray guns. With one SATA® adam 2™ display only, your entire spray gun inventory can be cost-efficiently "digitalized". The "display" can be easily cleaned with a cloth soaked in cleaning agent.


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