Sata Adam 2 Display and Dock

The accurate and correct setting of the gun inlet pressure is one of the key requirements to ensure perfect colour match during the painting process. Whether the pressure is set too low or too high, colour deviations will be the undesired result. The consequences are unnecessary rework disrupting the efficient work flow in bodyshops and substantially higher repair costs. 

With the aim to eliminate „incorrect inlet pressure“ as a possible cause for quality problems, SATA currently offer spray guns with digital pressure gauges integrated in the gun handle, while for non-digital SATA spray guns there is the retrofit option of the SATA adam 2 available. The advantagesof both solutions are obvious: They are compact, lightweight and precise, and enable the painter to keep the pressure always under control.

Fits most full size sata spray guns, except the 5000, 5500 and Phaser