Q2 CANCOAT 200ml


Simply spray onto the attached microfiber and wipe until you achieve full gloss. That is how easy it is to apply Q² CanCoat! This product provides an outstanding and durable SiO₂ based coating, which is easy to apply and durable at the same time.

Q² CanCoat wins it all when it comes to versatility. It might be applied on paint, trim, rims, metal, carbon fibre or PPF/vinyl. It’s both a stand alone product as well as a top coat. TIP: Never spray in the direction of the vehicle and mind working in an area with low air movement to avoid overspray. Work in small sections to avoid streaks.

 Q² CanCoat applied to your vehicle’s paint provides you with a protective layer against UV rays, strong chemicals, bird droppings or road salt, and also prevents the paint’s oxidation. Q² CanCoat will retain most of its hydrophobic and self-cleaning abilities for up to 6 months/10k km.

It is probably the strongest hydrophobic coating in such form in our range and keeping in mind that Q² Pure has set the level very high, that is an achievement worth mentioning. The contact angle of a fresh coating exceeds 100º and comes combined with fantastic chemical resistance.