XPSA Plastic Adhesive Weld Kit

Sure Seal Adhesive Weld Kits are extended high performance grade cyanoacrylate adhesives. They are designed to provide maximum bonding strengths of various plastics, elastomers and metals together or in combinations of these materials providing high temperature ranges, impact strengths, solvent resistance and excellent overall performance on automotive substrates. Will not crack or craze and is capable of penetrating between parts. Meets US MIL A Spec. 46050C Type 2 Class 1. Available in many sizes including a GEL (XPSGF) that can be used to fill small gaps and gouges. XPA-AA is an Adhesion Promoter for use on olefinic (semi-rigid) plastics. XPA-A is the activator for use with the adhesive weld and gap filler. XDBA will remove and dissolve the cured adhesive.