Prona Spray Guns


Functions and Characteristics

◆Atomizing particle is find and uniform.
◆Adjusting knobs are easy to adjust.
◆Gravity type of spray gun is operated steadily,with light intensity fluid cup can obstruct  impurities, to improve smothness of surface.
◆Atomizing particle fine and uniform, little rebound,sprays perfectly in low air pressure.
◆Forging gun body with aluminim, durable anodized surface,easy to clean and

maintain, comfortabile hand feeling, light and flexible.
◆Spray gun is suitable for primer, varnish,metal power, surface lacquer, surface lacquer, automobile refinishing coating, waterbase paint in the field of automobile, plastic and woodworking.


R410-G14 1.4 Nozzle solvent Gun

R410-G16 1.6 Primer Gun

R4300-G13-HVLP 1.3 high solids clear/Water Base/Solvent Gun (promo demo model)

R4600-G13-HVLP 1.3 Waterbase/Solvent gun